Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Did you know that FB post likes are not the same as fanpage likes?

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Let me ask you a quick question.

Did you know that when people like your post on a fan page it is not the same as a like for the fan page itself?

Yes, that is true, and it means that while big number of likes on your posts can give you short traffic burst, it fades away fast.

Most important to know here is the fact that Facebook will not show your future posts in timeline of people who just liked your existing posts.

Imagine that one of your posts hits it big but, at the end of the day, except of a short massive burst of traffic, it all goes fast back to the same old.

Because your posts can be liked not just on your own fanpage but wherever they are shared, it is relatively easy to get hundreds of likes on regular posts with good content.

The problem is though, that unless you convert those posts’ likes into page likes you are just spinning the hamster wheel.

Until now you had to do all that manually which could takes hours per day every day.

Let be honest here, nobody has the time.

This lack of time is causing large number of people to miss out on traffic, leads and sell they could have otherwise.

Not any longer because now there is an app for that - FanInviter.

FanInviter is the WORLD'S FIRST MASS INVITER which converts post likers to fanpage likers so your posts can finally show in timelines of way more people.

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