Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Guys Get FREE viral traffic in under 57 seconds

What if I Were To tell you There Is A Way To Increase Your Clicks And Interactivity Metrics By Stealing Authority From Top Sites Like CNN and BBC?

Hey  Friends

How cool is this?!

Imagine being able to leverage a brand and trusted source like CNN or BBC and having YOUR “call to action” right there… Using
Authority Overlay

###Watch this demo video and see how…###

And this entire process takes less than ONE MINUTE!

A call to action can be placed on anything:
  • A trusted news article
  • A sales page
  • An authority blog/site
  • A video
By sending your visitors to a trusted piece of content PLUS adding your call to action over it creates MASSIVE value.

It’s a win-win. Your reader gets good content and your 
overlay gets the extra authority and interaction that you want.

This means:
More subscribers
More clicks and sales
More webinar registrations

###See how you can hijack this authority for yourself!###

Keep up the good fight,

BTW – Similar tools cost up to $149/month but during this release it’s available for a 
one time price so you’ll want to grab it now.

I know the pain of having no authority online!

You take the time to curate content, write amazing articles, and otherwise get great info out to your readers, only for it to fall flat.

After all, your site is not an authority site…

What if I were to tell you there is a way to increase your clicks and interactivity metrics by stealing authority from top sites like CNN and BBC?

###Authority Overlay### lets you do just that!

By adding your content on top of authority sites, you’re more likely to get increased engagement simply by their reputation rubbing off on you.

Now links that you share get a boost, you see more clicks, and your articles are more likely to get shared.

Go check outAuthority Overlay in action to see for yourself!

To your success,

James EID

PS – Even though it’s a web-based service, they have lifetime pricing going on for this launch. 
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