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4 Things Usain Bolt Does On Weight Loss Diet Review Before Running

4 Things Usain Bolt Does On  Weight Loss Diet Review Before Running.

After my previous post on this issue of weight loss diet. I feel we still have to do a Weight Loss Diet  review of the whole process. Now for those who missed the previous posts, here are four of the simplest methods that will help you achieve your goal.
1 :  what’s the plan? 
 So you got a new gym membership and some cool new shoes to wear but now what. You have been going to the gym for weeks now religiously but have yet to notice any difference in your body. Well let me ask you this, what’s your goal? How much weight do you want to lose? When do you want to lose it by? It absolutely blows me away how  many people are more concerned about what exercise works the  chest  or arms the best, rather than  if their workout is going to be beneficial for what they want to achieve. Most times it’s not, look guys and girls, there are some things in life you can swing through and get by … like a driver’s test or a college exam. But, when you take on a commitment (and that’s exactly what a solid program should be) like joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer, you need to plan. If you don’t have a plan you will not be successful or your success will take forever… FOR-EVER.

            A fitness plan, just like any other plan, is the road map to your success. It acts as a guide and motivation to ensure that you hit your goal on time or beforehand.

            Now the first thing goal you need to set is a weight goal.. So if weight loss is your goal, ask yourself how much do you want to lose? Most people are pretty comfortable with 15 or 30 pounds, so let’s set it there. That’s actually a lot if you think about it ….. That’s like to dress size for all the women reading this.

Now the next question is, “when do you want this gone by?” now, let’s be honest first and foremost….. There is no “miracle diet” that will have you losing 20pounds in 2 weeks or something crazy like that. Secondly, do not be the someone who doesn’t have a set time limit to get thinner, because in my opinion you are not even trying to be successful and you are wasting time.

2. Support the cause
 Having a strong support system could definitely means the difference between success and failure. For example, you get a great workout in and you feel top of the world. Now you go home to see your significant other and kicks  eating some pizza and Chinese takeout …….messes with you, huh?

It’s really hard to maintain a healthy weight loss goal when people around you are not respectable of what you are trying to accomplish. If I could give quickly a tip here is to get your family members on board…... let them know just how important it is to you to get in shape. You are doing this to improve yourself and feel better about you. Even get the family involved, go out for walks as a family, take a class with your spouse, get things done together and it will brings you  closer to your goal without a mush headaches. I think the most important take-away here is that you don’t have to go at it alone,  there are people like yourself that want to get stunning body, or even better. 

3. Build the habit
The real secret in weight loss or any goal to change the way you look is all about changing habits more. A sample 12 week fat burning diet is not hard at all to find on the internet or in any health fitness magazine. But what people do not understand is that anybody-builder, fitness pro, athlete that eats that way TRAINED THEMSELVES TO… FOR YEARS! In order to eat like someone trying to seriously lose weight and fat you need to train yourself to…. Just like training in the gym. You have to change certain habits about your eating and lifestyle in order to be successful….. and that’s what people do not want to hear.

But the truth of the matter is that to make your weight loss dreams (and that’s how they will stay unless you really start letting this article sink in) become reality. They to SACRIFICE.

My first recommendation on this area is to throw out all the junk in the house (I can feel you looking at me crazy right now, but it need to be done) my rule is if it is not there, you won’t eat it.

My second recommendation is start writing down everything you eat for at least 3 days. What this will do is visually show your current eating habits and what you need to start changing in order to be successful.

4. Commit to change.
They say change is the only constant thing in life. Now just to touch on #3 above- weight loss is all about changing bad habits and putting good ones in that compliment your weight goal. But before we do this, you have to commit to the change in lifestyle. For instance, you have to commit to go to the gym and get at least 45 minutes of solid training when you have had a hard day at work because you know after the workout, you are that much closer to your goal. All successful people in the health and fitness, whether it be body builders or the typical soccer mom than just lost 20 pounds of fat and looks fabulous became that way by committing themselves to the change that is required in this type of lifestyle. Now the change is not going to come overnight. It did not take you 3 weeks to put on 30 pounds nor will it take 3 weeks to get it off. The weight will not go without one being so ready,  be proud to be doing something about it, and good luck in your quest.

Dear readers, thanks for reading this article! Do I missed anything on this post?
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